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 To Taxi Cruise Port Terminal  Netherlands Holland
We remain active during the Covid-19 pandemic. Taking into account all measures of the RIVM.
The most important measures you can take to prevent the spread of the coronavirus are very simple. So it is always important to follow these.
Mandatory for the Drivers and
Travelers are asked to:
-      Wash hands regularly
-      Cough and sneeze into the inside of their elbow
-      Use paper tissues
-      No shaking hands
-      Keep 1,5 meters away from each other where possible
So don't sit next to someone if it's not necessary. 
Present in our vehicles: Gloves, disinfecting wipes, cleaning alcohol and separation screens on the headrests.


Taxi transfer to or from Cruise Terminal :( 00 31) 318 611 611 

Are you going on holiday or are you going on a business trip with a cruise ship to or from a cruise terminal? With our service we offer you fast and affordable transport to and from a  Passenger Terminal  

Kleijer Taxi will take you directly from your home, hotel or company to the Cruise Terminal, Rotterdam or Amsterdam or other European airports at competitive prices. This saves dragging luggage, high parking costs and your travel time is kept to a minimum. That is, you will be brought directly and not combined with other passengers.

Cruise Port Terminal Amsterdam One-way trip Return trip
1 t/m 4 personen   114   228
5 t/m 8 personen   136   272
Cruise Port Terminal Rotterdam    
1 t/m 4 personen   135   270
5 t/m 8 peronen   161   322
Cruise Port Terminal Ijmuiden    
1 t/m 4 personen   149   298
5 t/m 8 pernen   179   359
Cruise Port Terminal Vlissingen    
1 t/m 4 personen   279   558
5 t/m 8 personen   331   662
Cruise Port Terminal Antwerpen One-way trip Return trip
1 t/m 4 personen   209   418
5 t/m 8 peronen   249   498
Cruise Port Terminal Gent    
1 t/m 4 personen   286   572
5 t/m 8 peronen   339   678
Cruise Port Terminal Oostende    
1 t/m 4 personen   364   728
5 t/m 8 personen   432   864
Cruise Port Terminal Zeebrugge    
1 t/m 4 personen   331   662
5 t/m 8 personen   393   786
Cruise Port Terminal Hamburg One-way trip Return trip
1 t/m 4 personen   528   1056
5 t/m 8 personen   627   1254


The rates above aplply to bookings ofat least 24 hours prior to deaparture.
Additional fee trip cruise port terminal: 
€ 8.00 between midnight and 6am
On workdays between 9am and 5 pm your request is processed the same day.

In- en uitchecken cruiseterminals Cruiseterminals 

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